Timothy (Tim) Wolvetang was a promising triathlete who has his triathlon career cut short after persistent Iliac Artery problems. Instead of giving up Tim picked up ultrarunning, qualifying for the elite 100k ultramarathon World Championships 2022 on his first attempt and winning the National title on this distance soon after.

It’s not all about racing for Tim though.

“I love that place where sports and adventure meet, where you can use your fitness to go on an adventure. Whether this is climbing a mountain in record pace, running over 130km on the Dutch beach or cycling days on end exploring new places, the journey always beats the destination in these adventures. Ultra endurance events are exactly about the journey and that’s why I love them.”

Through injury and illnesses Tim has discovered it’s not only about big adventures for him.

,,I’ve learned that you should never take the ability to practice sports for granted. Being able to go outside in nature is one of the greatest gifts we’re granted: the fresh air, the smells, the views and the exercise are invaluable. It may sound cheesy, but running is a gift, never forget to enjoy!‘’

Tim’s resilience and love of running helped him to some notable results and adventures.

✨ Adventure: Death Valley Tour

🥇 Dutch Championship 100km
🥇 West Coast Challenge (62k, again course record)
🥉 Polosjka Ultra 100km
🥈 Hard 50km
🥇 Laufenburg Stadtlauf 5km
✨ Adventure: Bikepacking from Basel to Palermo and back (3300km, 15 days)

🥇 West Coast Challenge (65k, course record)
🥇 Voornse Duintrail 10km
🥈 Aarau Halfmarathon
✨ Adventure: Bikepacking through Switzerland (1050km, 7 days)

🥇 Challenge Samorin Olympic Triathlon
🥈 Traismauer Triathlon
🥈 Challenge Kaiserwinkel-Walchsee Aquabike
✨ Adventure: Bikepacking from Carlsbad CA (USA) to New York City NY (6000km, 30 days)

🥉 Austria Extreme Triathlon