Timothy Wolvetang is an extreme endurance athlete from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Born 10 November 1986 and raised near Amsterdam, Timothy picked up road cycling at age 29, but cycling has always been a part of his life as is tradition in the Netherlands: you need to go somewhere, you cycle.

Other than cycling Timothy competes in ultra endurance events and triathlons, earning himself many podiums in the process. His love for ultra endurance events can easily be explained:

“I love that place where sports and adventure meet, where you can use your fitness to go on an adventure. Whether this is climbing a mountain in record pace, running over 130km on the Dutch beaches or cycling days on end exploring new places, the journey always beats the destination in these adventures. Ultra endurance events are exactly about the journey and that’s why I love them.”

Timothy was trained as a nurse anaesthetist, working in several university hospitals. This is where many people are cured, but unfortunately not everyone can be saved.

“Children’s Cancer is one of the worst things to happen to a family, as a healthcare professional I’ve seen the heartbreaking sorrow parents go through. No one should have to go through this.’’

Every year Timothy does one ultra endurance event in which he’ll support a charity to give something back to the community. In past years he has run ultra marathons for the Dutch coastal rescue. This year Timothy is ready to go on his biggest adventure yet: the Coast 2 Coast bike ride!