Coast2Coast days -1 and 0: Living the dream

After about twenty hours of traveling by metro, train, airplane, bus, train and car I had finally Carlsbad. Zoot CEO Shawn O’Shea picked me up from Oceanside and dropped me off at my first motel of my journey, where I decided to do a quick powernap. First mistake. I slept until 2 AM and was wide awake afterwards. Fortunately this was short lived and I could do a lot of naps until 6 AM: breakfast time. The weird thing about the travel days is that somehow they take a long time, the memories are often very faint. You experience a lot, but somehow never really remember a lot. This is a good thing though, I’ll need a lot of harddrive space for the next month!

Some of the travel experiences

Day 0 was a special one, after breakfast Shawn picked me up again and took me to the Zoot HQ where I got very warm welcome by the Zoot team. It’s weird how you just meet people, but feel so comfortable it’s like you known them for a long time. This is exactly what I feel the Zoot Ohana is! The office they have is not your typical office. Besides the showroom there are some ‘normal’ offices, but in the back of the building they have a big area where there’s their infamous coffee machine, a ton of bicycles and some desks in the corner. The guys knew a lot of stories about people riding Coast2Coast, the most striking quote: ,,at the end he was wearing three bib shorts on top of each other.” Shit! I only brought two!

Not just great apparel at Zoot’s!

After a good coffee at Zoot’s, the next stop was Canyon USA to pick up the Canyon Grail AL they very kindly donated for this project. At Canyon they also know how to do warm welcomes! Amazing to see how they work do at Canyon Northern America and the passion they have for quality bicycles. The support I got from these guys is unreal, I feel really honoured to ride my number one bicycle of choice. Living the dream right there!

The Canyon USA showroom.
Beyond excited about my Canyon Grail AL

The rest of the day was about taking it easy and resting for the first day of cycling. After a quick splash in the ocean (so basically I’m doing a triathlon now) I had my first night out with the Grail. Both the guys at Zoot and Canyon recommended me to go to In-N-Out Burger for their famous fresh fries and the so called ‘Double Double’. Although a ‘Quadruple Quadruple’ is apparently also a possibility I stuck with a normal burger. Lot’s of climbing tomorrow 😉

First night out!