2022 Recap

It’s time for some end-of-year dramatism. It was a weird year for me and although I failed in my biggest goal, qualifying for ánd running a good 100km World Championships, I think this was my best season in sports. Even though it’s not possible to run an Ultra every week, I’m really happy with how … Continued

What makes the Athlete of the Year

As the year draws to an end many organisations choose their ‘Athlete of the Year’. Even though I am Dutch champion 100km ultramarathon I didn’t receive a single nomination, not even on a long-list. This made me question: What makes the ‘Athlete of the Year’, isn’t it a popularity contest in disguise and am I … Continued

Never trust an Espresso

One theme that has many variations is the toiletry one. In essence it’s easy, everyone inserts food, so everyone will have to manage their output at some point. Although the toilet bowl itself and the basic procedure is roughly the same everywhere, everything around it is shrouded in a cloud of taboo. Or a cloud … Continued

Dutch Champion 100km

First of all absolutely amazed, but secondly a huge relieve to run a good 100km after having to stop early in the World Championship race two weeks prior. I think I was my worst enemy the first 50-60km, feeling insecure about how my brain would react this time, but my headache cleared and no tunnelvision … Continued

100k run in 1k words, or so

It remains a weird ambition to want to be one of the best in the world, but with the ambition to qualify for the elite 100km World Championships I traveled to Croatia. With several national champions and national ultramarathon record holders at the start I knew it would be unlikely that I’d win or make … Continued